TQ Brand Management

Case Study

  • Client: ThreatQuotient
  • Date: 2018-2024
  • Skills: Webmaster, Graphic Design, Marketing, Brand Managemtnt, Adobe Creative Suite
  • Category: Brand Management
"Jim's creative prowess in his designs have become an integral part of TQ's identity, contributing significantly to the company's success and growth. His ability to infuse energy and enthusiasm into the brand has been incredible."
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The Power of the Rhino

Using company pride to tell a story

Since its inception in 2013, the ThreatQuotient logo has featured a rhino icon coupled with a text treatment. Using a strong animal symbol allows ThreatQuotient to easily evoke emotion from employees and customers alike. Internally, employees are referred to as members of "the crash", meaning a group of rhinos. The passion for the rhino is evident in the TQ offices, as workspaces and common areas are adorned with rhino art of all kinds, from stuffed animals and toys to paintings and sculptures.

Fidelis booth at BlackHat 2017

From a branding perspective, leading with a strong relatable icon that the team is passionate about has many advantages. Using the rhino, and the infectious enthusiasm behind it, gave me plenty of creative freedom, whether with large campaigns or small single-use creations.

ThreatQuotient relies heavily on brand recognition; leaning on the rhino symbol helped set them apart visually from the competition and increased recall and recognition significantly. The ThreatQuotient sales team reported consistent positive feedback from the field on the creativity of the brand design and use of the rhino.